2025 Congress Organizing Committee

Jaume Masia, MD – Organizing Committee Chairman

Biennial Meeting Task Force

Robert Walton, MD, (USA)
Greg Evans, MD, (USA)
Jp Hong, MD, (South Korea)
David Chang, MD, (USA)
Eric Santamaria, MD, (Mexico)

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Christopher Attinger, MD, Chair, (USA)
Stephen Kovach, MD, (USA)
Jason Ko, MD, (USA)
Eyal Gur, MD, (Israel)
Mohamed Ellabban, MD, (Egypt)

Ad Hoc Master Series Committee

Eric Santamaria, MD, Chair, (Mexico)

Membership Committee

Greg Evans, MD, Chair, (USA)
Julie Park, MD, (USA)
Gemma Pons, MD, (Spain)
Omer Ozkan, MD, (Turkey)
Sinikka Suominen, MD, (Finland)

Nominating Committee

David Chang, MD, Chair (USA)
Olivia Ho, MD, (USA)
L. Scott Levin, MD, (USA)
Moustapha Hamdi, MD, (USA)
Yixin Zhang, MD (China)

Website and Social Media Task Force

Jp Hong, MD, Chair, (South Korea)
Eric Santamaria, MD, (Mexico)
Ming-Huei Cheng, MD, (China)

Ad Hoc Visiting Professor Committee

Greg Evans, MD, Chair, (USA)
Susana Correa, MD, (Columbia)
Jaume Masia, MD, (Spain)
Samir Mardini, MD, (USA)